Corporate Event and Management Training

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“It’s unusual to have an event that every single person loves and this is it. It’s hard to know how we will follow this act in future events!”
Jill Livesey | IEC Coaching

"In 20 years in the industry, I have never seen this before. Congratulations on an outstanding act."
Frank Buckle | Pro Show Productions

"The event was wonderfully done! A highly recommendable team activity for sure!"
Earl Ferraris | Microsoft

"I cannot stress how amazing this experience was."
Alex Marbeck
| Schlumberger Limited

"I think the event tied in brilliantly with our themes of collaboration and diversity. The music brought this concept alive in a very unique way."
Tom Holt | John Holland Group

"The session was a novel, fun and energising way to start our meeting. Importantly, it helped to produce a focused team spirit that carried through the balance of our meeting."
Zach Pote
| Fellowes

"What a great result. The business is still on a high from it. Look forward to working together again!"
Tarah Spencer | Vivas Lend Lease

"Standing at the back of the room it was clear that you were successful in creating just the right excitement, creativity and relevance needed."
Peter Cox | Eventuality

"It gave the group new energy to deal with the work they had to do afterwards. It was an hour full of laughter and energy."
Hanna Hide-Nyberg | ANZ

"The organization of the event was very prompt and easy, it was all done before I even had the chance to blink!"
Bree-Arna Silcock | National Australia Bank

"It was all about working together as a group which is exactly what we were after. We are all still talking about it!"
Sandy Rose | MLC

"We all had a blast! I was a little worried that some weren't going to be into it as others, but I was wrong! It was great to see everyone get up and have a boogie, especially the managers!"
Belinda Mekis | AGL Energy