Monday, 19 December 2011 14:36
Well it's been a while since we updated our team building news here, and with good reason - it's just been that busy!

Highlights include a wonderful interactive team building session with Meningococcal Australia at Grand Hyatt Melbourne. Sebel Albert Park welcomed the drums for Cotton On's high energy drum circle. SAP at Jupiter's Casino saw 300 30cm gift drums distributed for participants to play and keep! Professionals Ermington wrapped up a great year with a Christmas bash on the drum skins at Novotel Wollongong. Hutchinson Builders had a good hit at Taronga Zoo for their end of year function, with branded baby gift drums as prezzies! Wallara's new care site in Melbourne saw management raise the roof in end of year celebration. The University of NSW also held a wonderful drum circle for prospective students - a fun filled session for all.

In amongst all the fun we had some wonderful feedback from a client who thought we had tough cookies on our hands! "Wanted to thank you for a fabulous job... What was great about it was that you were able to get a very tough audience and turn them around. I think that is the mark of a group that is highly, highly skilled and experienced. Congratulations, the client was extremely happy."

Testament to our great performers, facilitators and the infectious rhythm!

Adam Swoboda
Drum Circle Events


"The organization of the event was very prompt and easy, it was all done before I even had the chance to blink!"
Bree-Arna Silcock | National Australia Bank

“It’s unusual to have an event that every single person loves and this is it. It’s hard to know how we will follow this act in future events!”
Jill Livesey | IEC Coaching

"We all had a blast! I was a little worried that some weren't going to be into it as others, but I was wrong! It was great to see everyone get up and have a boogie, especially the managers!"
Belinda Mekis | AGL Energy

"It gave the group new energy to deal with the work they had to do afterwards. It was an hour full of laughter and energy."
Hanna Hide-Nyberg | ANZ

"What a great result. The business is still on a high from it. Look forward to working together again!"
Tarah Spencer | Vivas Lend Lease

"In 20 years in the industry, I have never seen this before. Congratulations on an outstanding act."
Frank Buckle | Pro Show Productions

"The session was a novel, fun and energising way to start our meeting. Importantly, it helped to produce a focused team spirit that carried through the balance of our meeting."
Zach Pote
| Fellowes

"I think the event tied in brilliantly with our themes of collaboration and diversity. The music brought this concept alive in a very unique way."
Tom Holt | John Holland Group

"It was all about working together as a group which is exactly what we were after. We are all still talking about it!"
Sandy Rose | MLC

"The event was wonderfully done! A highly recommendable team activity for sure!"
Earl Ferraris | Microsoft

"I cannot stress how amazing this experience was."
Alex Marbeck
| Schlumberger Limited

"Standing at the back of the room it was clear that you were successful in creating just the right excitement, creativity and relevance needed."
Peter Cox | Eventuality